In the kindergarten in Kechnec there are two classrooms to offer full-day and half-day care. The kindergarten provides upbringing and education to children aged 3 to 6 years, children with delayed primary school enrolment, and children with additionally delayed primary school enrolment. The kindergarten can accommodate 48 children, and this capacity is currently fully used. The upbringing and education–related activities are performed by four fully qualified teachers including the kindergarten director.

The building of the kindergarten is currently after a major reconstruction. The reconstruction included the renewal of the rooms, replacement of old windows and of the entrance door, placement of a laminate flooring in the rooms, construction of a new bathroom, renewal of the facade, construction of a new changing room, and a new outdoor playground. The unused attic was reconstructed to now accommodate a computer room, a language room, a gym, the director’s office, the teachers’ cabinet, and a storage room. The kindergarten provides tuition of the English language twice a week – the children can work with interactive boards and computers, there is a fully equipped gym, and a newly constructed outdoor playground made of wood. Every year the children take up a swimming course. They present their newly gained skills and abilities during various performances attended by the inhabitants of the municipality at Christmas, on the International Mother’s Day, during the Carnival, or on the International Children’s Day.

The computer room is used to develop PC literacy in preschool children by instructing them and letting them mimic the work with a PC of an adult on elementary level, using educational programmes for kids, various data gathering and storing programmes taking advantage of information and communication technologies: the kids attend the club two times a week in groups under the teacher’s super­vision as part of the upbringing and education provided, and that every odd week. The room is equipped with special computer tables and chairs, as well as an interactive board. In the language room preschool children can improve their language skills and communication competences two times a week in order to develop their passive and active vocabulary in the official Slovak language and in a foreign language as well (there is an English club and a Hungarian club).

The gym also is used to develop psychomotor competences in preschool children with the aim of improving their basic locomotor movements, mobility, and body functions, and to stimulate a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. In the gym there are exercise tools to be used according to age, and under the supervision of the teacher the children use the tools according to the needs of upbringing and education to perform dancing, mobility, and relaxation exercises. In the room groups of children in classes take turns according to the schedule in the morning before the morning snack is served or also in the afternoon before they get their afternoon snack, or when they take part in the clubs in given days.

Director: Mgr. Eva Bittová

Our address: Materská škola, Kechnec 262, 044 58 Kechnec

Phone: 055/6962 112